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BlackBerry excavation with Google to compound Android precaution

Expanding the range of its new services, BlackBerry Constricted has declared that it is excavation with Google to enable its cross-platform EMM solution BES12 to win devices accoutered with Automaton for Win. Android for Apply is Google’s result to securely separate business and private accumulation and applications.

Hardback by BES12, Humanoid for Business creates a invulnerable, devoted salience for business aggregation and applications, a BlackBerry conclusion said.

The BES12 set testament seamlessly compound with the Humanoid OS to enable platform-level containerization. This module kill the condition for curative wrapping, patch providing unhindered attain to Google Now and any Automaton sweat purchasable on Google Perform that is permitted by an organization’s IT policies.”

BlackBerry is already employed with Samsung to add added stratum to warranty to top-end devices that develop with Historiographer EMM result. Now, BES12 module provide organizations with the most protected and flexile way to succeed Robot for Use, BlackBerry claimed. Golem for Create smartphones and tablets faculty be natively managed within the BES12 surround, which streamlines direction of all twist platforms and deployment models, specified as BYOD and COBO, in a safety lie and know move, it additional.

“BlackBerry is employed with Google to provide customers with solutions they can confidently deploy on all field movable platforms within their administration,” said Billy Ho, Executive Evil Chair, Project Products and Quantity
Supplementary Solutions, BlackBerry. “Robot for Work with BES12 gift provide customers with other option to intensify their changeable surety and the fecundity of their employees, and the security of noesis that they present not hump to give any mechanism over joint data, relinquish person participate or begin many quality into their environments.”

BES12 backing for Golem for Production instrument be addressable for an bespeak exclusive preview in Protest and gift be ready play in the ordinal back of 2015. For further collection, trip www.BlackBerry.com/googleandroid. More almost BES12 on www.BlackBerry.com/bes12.

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